Here is what Google Finance has to say about Benefit Focus Inc:

A provider of cloud-based benefits software solutions for consumers, employers, insurance carriers, and brokers. The Benefitfocus platform provides an integrated suite of solutions that enables its employer and insurance carrier customers to more efficiently shop, enroll, manage, and exchange benefits information. The Company’s solutions supports benefits plans, including healthcare, dental, life, and disability insurance, and voluntary benefits plans. 

Year to date, search volumes for the term Benefit Focus Inc have increased 900%.

Search Volume Trends for BenefitFocus Inc
Search Volume Trends for BenefitFocus Inc

A few things to note:

  • October 2013 IPO, since then, the share price rocketed from $53 to $76 and then back down to $38.
  • Company has not been profitable over the last two quarters although revenue growth has seen a minimum 30% quarter over quarter growth.
  • Share price consolidating around the $38-$40 level with daily volume increasing.

For further details on the company, have a look at it’s Google Finance page here.

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