(See here for prior coverage release on Facebook.)

If you’re familiar with our coverage of Facebook here at Trendvesting, you’ll understand that we’re quite bearish on the company. We’ve commented on the decreasing trend in monthly searches for the term “Facebook” which in May of this year, hit another milestone for the least amount of nominal searches since March 2010 in America. This decreasing trend also extends to worldwide searches for the term, which in the month of May also saw the least number of searches since December of 2010.

Understanding that Facebook’s primary methodology of monetization is on the basis of inbound traffic to it’s website, the decreasing trend in searches for the term becomes that much more concerning.


We continue to see corporations both big and small opting for marketing methods outside of Facebook, or decreasing their marketing commitment to the platform due to the lack of effectiveness of being heard in what is a very large jungle of information. The trend in searches for the term only confirms what is the realization that both users and advertisers looking to different platforms to satisfy their social needs.

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